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Events Listing for 2018


July 14th - Saturday at 1:00PM  FREE  Cassandra Starks - Plant Spirit Medicine, A Healing Journey.
“Spirit is the strongest medicine and can heal the deepest reaches of heart and soul.” - Eliot Cowan. The healing process is a journey and we don’t have to walk it alone. Plants have a lot more to offer than just their physical and chemical components.


OFF THE SHELF Author Series for 2018
Thursday Evenings during The Downtown Farmer's Market.
Free and Open to the Public - 6PM to 7PM.

June 21st - Helen Sperber.  Poetry Book Debut - Paper Days and Years.
Helen’s first book of poetry. From childhood to the end of life, from spiders to dead crows, and from love to bombings in Paris, she explores poetically the world around her as well as internal musings.

June 28th - Authors Jodi Gallegos and Denae Christine Worcester.
Jodi Gallegos.
A Shine that Defies the Dark. If you’ve ever thought about writing a book, but wondered where to find the inspiration, this presentation is for you.
Denae Christine Worcester. Runaway Deception, Rebel Deception, Risky Deception and Royal Deception.
talk about her fantasy books and the shape of a story. She will cover introductions to try-fail cycles to pinch points to climaxes to denouements.


July 5th - TBA

July 12th - Karen McKee. Miracle, a novella, In Name Only, Worth Waiting For.
Karen will talk about the writing process, where ideas come from, and why she wrote a book about Vietnam and the soldiers who fought there.  


July 19th - Sherry Ficklin. Queen of Tomorrow, Extracted, Losing Logan.


July 26th - John Records.  Love in Action


August 2nd - Joseph Colwell.  Sands of Time, Tales of Ravens Nest, Canyon Breezes, Zephyr of Time.
The Author will give a short presentation of how I came to write the book Sands of Time, a scientific adventure and love story set in the slickrock canyon country, and about quantum physics, time travel, spirituality, and extraterrestrial civilizations.


August 9th -  Judy Blevins and Carroll Multz


August 16th - 2 Authors -

Lucinda Stein. Minnie's Antique and Curiosity Shoppe, Dry Run, Oklahoma, Sanctuary: Family, Friends, and Strangers, Two Steps Back, Sulfur Springs.

Along with a book reading for Minnie’s Antique & Curiosity Shoppe, Lucinda Stein will discuss how she used reality as a launching point for this novel set in the author’s hometown.

 Rebecca Carpenter -The Total Deconstruction of Chloe Wilson, Butterfly Bones, Metamorphosis (scheduled for release in late August).
Young adult author and freelance copy editor, Rebecca Carpenter, will show how the first pages of a book must hook a reader and supply important information to move the story forward.


August 23rd -  Kevin Barclay.


August 30th -  Sally Crum.  The Night the Stars Fell, Race to the Moonrise, Race to the River, People of the Red earth.


September 6th - Heather Portenier.  The Dandelion Hunter
Heather Portenier will be reading from The Dandelion Hunter, the second novel from her Quickie Romance Collection.


September 13th - Jan Weeks and Frank Daniels






MIND, BODY & SPIRIT Classes 2018
AMTF Western Colorado

Linda H. Nelson, C.Hom, NCTMB, E.M.T and hosted by CRYSTAL Books and Gifts
Sundays - 1:00pm - Free
*Ascended Master Teachings Classes


*June 24th - Linda H. Nelson CHom: Master Jesus, The Resurrection Temple and The Flame of Resurrections
Jesus was born at a time when the collective constructively-qualified energy of the Earth was at its lowest level since the days of Atlantis. His coming and successful mission turned the tide.


*July 15th - Linda H. Nelson, CHom: St. Germain and Opening the Book of Life
The Masters Speak. The Power of Light – Light Always appears when called for.


July 29th - Ryan Powell - What are acupuncture meridians, and just what is the point?
Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine are both energetic and physical medicines. There is a great deal of confusion and curiosity about the mystical, yet tangible acupuncture meridians used by acupuncturists for thousands of years.


*August 26th - Linda H. Nelson CHom: Sanat Kumara, The Temple of Shamballa and the Three Fold Flame
Sanat Kumara came to Earth, ages ago, to give assistance at a time when there was great danger that the Earth would be dissolved.


*September 16th - Linda H. Nelson, CHom: Paul The Venetian and Beloved Goddess of Liberty
The Liberty Flame and Paul the Venetian have been a symbol of the liberty of consciousness for centuries.


September 30th - Shawn Karston: Holistic Health Coach
Shawn Karsten has a BA in counseling psychology and is a certified massage therapist who has been practicing in the Grand Valley for over a decade.


*October 28th - Linda H. Nelson CHom: The Maha Chohan, Cosmic Law and The Law of Cause and Effect
“Maha Chohan” means “Great Lord of the Rays”. He supervises the seven Chohans/Masters.


November 4th - Karmel Astarea, CNHP, Medical Intuitive: You Can Heal Your Life
This event offers powerful combinations to unlock the healing potential to fully enrich your life! A class chock full of ideas, and tools to heal any area of your life.


*November 11th - Linda H. Nelson, CHom: Sanat Kumar, Shambala and The Earth’s Crisis
A way and a means had to be devised, whereby the natural children of Earth and their pledged guardian spirits might be awakened to their own responsibility.


*December 2nd - Linda H. Nelson, CHom: The Rocky Mountain Retreat, The Laggards and Jesus’s Last Embodiment
Twice each year the Great White Brotherhood gather together in the beautiful Rocky Mountain Retreat for their half yearly council.

*Ascended Master Teachings Classes

 CRYSTAL Books and Gifts & Linda Nelson
Presents Complimentary and Alternative Therapies

Sundays at 1:00pm  FREE to the Public



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