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OFF THE SHELF Author Series for 2018
Thursday Evenings during The Downtown Farmer's Market

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MIND, BODY & SPIRIT Classes 2018
AMTF Western Colorado

Linda H. Nelson, C.Hom, NCTMB, E.M.T and hosted by CRYSTAL Books and Gifts
Sundays - 1:00pm - Free
*Ascended Master Teachings Classes


*April 22nd - Linda H. Nelson CHom: Serapis Bey, The Ascension Temple and the Ascension Process
Serapis Bey was an embodied Seraphim, who came to Earth as a guardian spirit, to assist the people of Earth.


*May 13th - Linda H. Nelson, CHom: The Resurrection Temple and The Master and The Chela
The Flame of Resurrection is the hope of redemption of the entire human race.


May 27th - Peggy Pollock Dennis : Numerology
This class will entail a short history of Numerology from Pythagoras to the present.


*June 24th - Linda H. Nelson CHom: Master Jesus, The Resurrection Temple and The Flame of Resurrections
Jesus was born at a time when the collective constructively-qualified energy of the Earth was at its lowest level since the days of Atlantis. His coming and successful mission turned the tide.


*July 15th - Linda H. Nelson, CHom: St. Germain and Opening the Book of Life
The Masters Speak. The Power of Light – Light Always appears when called for.


July 29th - Ryan Powell - What are acupuncture meridians, and just what is the point?
Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine are both energetic and physical medicines. There is a great deal of confusion and curiosity about the mystical, yet tangible acupuncture meridians used by acupuncturists for thousands of years.


*August 26th - Linda H. Nelson CHom: Sanat Kumara, The Temple of Shamballa and the Three Fold Flame
Sanat Kumara came to Earth, ages ago, to give assistance at a time when there was great danger that the Earth would be dissolved.


*September 16th - Linda H. Nelson, CHom: Paul The Venetian and Beloved Goddess of Liberty
The Liberty Flame and Paul the Venetian have been a symbol of the liberty of consciousness for centuries.


September 30th - Shawn Karston: Holistic Health Coach
Shawn Karsten has a BA in counseling psychology and is a certified massage therapist who has been practicing in the Grand Valley for over a decade.


*October 28th - Linda H. Nelson CHom: The Maha Chohan, Cosmic Law and The Law of Cause and Effect
“Maha Chohan” means “Great Lord of the Rays”. He supervises the seven Chohans/Masters.


November 4th - Karmel Astarea, CNHP, Medical Intuitive: You Can Heal Your Life
This event offers powerful combinations to unlock the healing potential to fully enrich your life! A class chock full of ideas, and tools to heal any area of your life.


*November 11th - Linda H. Nelson, CHom: Sanat Kumar, Shambala and The Earth’s Crisis
A way and a means had to be devised, whereby the natural children of Earth and their pledged guardian spirits might be awakened to their own responsibility.


*December 2nd - Linda H. Nelson, CHom: The Rocky Mountain Retreat, The Laggards and Jesus’s Last Embodiment
Twice each year the Great White Brotherhood gather together in the beautiful Rocky Mountain Retreat for their half yearly council.

*Ascended Master Teachings Classes

 CRYSTAL Books and Gifts & Linda Nelson
Presents Complimentary and Alternative Therapies

Sundays at 1:00pm  FREE to the Public



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