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OFF THE SHELF Author Series for 2018
Thursday Evenings during The Downtown Farmer's Market

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MIND, BODY & SPIRIT Classes 2018
CRYSTAL Books and Gifts and Linda Nelson
Sundays - 1:00pm - Free

 January 28th - Jill Whinnery : QiGong and Meditation

Jill believes Meditation and Qigong to be the most profoundly transformative practices she’s experienced in order to achieve health in mind and body. She is not alone; as the evidence is mounting showing
them to be instrumental in warding of Alzheimer’s, enhancing balance, brain function, and improving one’s sense of well being.


February 25th - Linda Nelson: How do I know if I am a Lightworker/Lightbearer?

March 25th - Shawn Karston: Holistic Health Coach

April 29th - Linda Nelson: Working with the Archangels

May 27th - Peggy Pollock Dennis : Numerology

June 24th - Linda Nelson: Working with the Ascended Masters


July 29th - Ryan Powell - What are acupuncture meridians, and just what is the point?

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine are both energetic and physical medicines. There is a great deal of confusion and curiosity about the mystical, yet tangible acupuncture meridians used by acupuncturists for thousands of years. During this discussion, Mr. Powell will elaborate on the essential functions of our meridians and how to know when they are functioning at there very best.


August 26th - Linda Nelson: Working with the Creator Gods the Elohim

September 30th - Koko: Healing Herbs

October 28th - Linda Nelson - The 7 Sacred Flames

November 4th - To be announced.


 CRYSTAL Books and Gifts & Linda Nelson
Presents Complimentary and Alternative Therapies

Sundays at 1:00pm  FREE to the Public



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