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Life Vessel

Life Vessel™ all-natural healthcare is a new Class II medical device designed to improve cognitive abilities, enhance immune systems, reduce stress and provide relaxation. Life Vessel™ delivers simultaneous combinations of vibration, sound, infrared, frequency, and light, creating the ultimate experience in relaxation therapy. Recent clinical research suggests that the human body, when able to go into a natural state of relaxation and balance, can produce dramatic results – allowing the body to create natural healing.

 This is a non-invasive (patented US6544165B1) apparatus that uses frequency, vibration, sound, and light to enable a person to reach this natural state and the body to heal itself. The Life Vessel™'s ability to balance and relax the body is accomplished by directly effecting three major areas:

   Balancing the parasympathetic and sympathetic parts of the autonomic nervous
   system (ANS)
   De-Stressing the whole body – physically, mentally, and emotionally
   Detoxification of the whole body – physically, mentally, and emotionally







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