Jerry Moorman - Writing from Within
Do you have a personal experience that lies in the back of your mind, surfacing again and again, niggling at you to let it out? Learn how to use those experiences to write fiction and poetry. See how secret government research led to the creation of the award-winning novel, Whatever Happened to Will.

Jerry Moorman is an award-winning author of fiction, poetry, and academic research. He has written five textbooks, numerous academic publications, four novels, and an award-winning book of poetry.

Phyllis Moorman - Promoting Your Work
Have you published a book but don’t know where or how to promote it? Learn the different methods of promotion, how to find reputable help online, and how to create your own promotional materials.

Phyllis Moorman has over twenty years’ experience in writing and self-publishing. She is co-owner of Raven Books, has worked with authors in their pursuit of publishing, and has published several books herself, including the popular Self-Publishing: Sharing the Secrets, and Power of a Raindrop (poetry).


Adrianne Wagner - Creative Chameleon Finds Acceptance:
A story for gender self-identifying kids encourages readers to love and accept themselves and others, regardless of their differences. The story promotes embracing who and where we are, while discovering our own unique purpose on our life’s journey.

Adrianne Wagner, M.A., is a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC) who has worked with adults, families and at-risk children for over 18 years. She has published articles in Living with Loss Magazine and Elephant Journal. More information about her books is available at:







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